LC4 Dogs at Play

A portion of the money raised at the Bier Stube event this past April, allowed FoLCD to purchase 2 wooden platforms with ramps, a jungle-gym for dogs.  We were able to equip each play yard at LC4 with the equipment.  It didn’t take the dogs long to stand on the top platform and play their version of King of the Hill.  Even the timid dogs who were afraid of going up and down the ramps quickly became accustomed to the structures and soon were playing dog games!

Jay Barman, LC4, Behavior Technician told us that the dogs have so much fun on the 2 equipment structures.  They wear each other out and when they head back to their kennels there are some pooped pups.

University of Toledo Homecoming

Friends of Lucas County Dogs had the opportunity to join in the University of Toledo Homecoming Parade on October 6th.  FoLCD along with many university and community organizations walked through the neighborhoods of Old Orchard and Ottawa Hills strutting their stuff with a couple dogs.  Those along the route enjoyed seeing and petting the dogs.  A special thank you to Mathews Ford Oregon for donating the truck used during the parade, as well as FoLCD volunteers Allie and Tammy for bringing Oliver and Daisy!

LC4 Alumni Event Sponsored by Friends of Lucas County Dogs

September 30th marked the first-ever LC4 Alumni event held at Side Cut Metropark.  Lucas County Canine Care & Control along with the following transfer partners, The Toledo Humane Society, Dog Works, the Wood County Humane Society, and Planned Pethood helped promote the event to those who adopted dogs from LC4 or from one the transfer partners.

The warm, sunny day brought out more than 100 owners and their dogs.  The owners welcomed the chance to show off their LC4 alumni dog(s).  Many dogs were recognized by LC4 volunteers and staff.  It was great for volunteers to see happy, healthy post-shelter dogs.

Tina Ferner, the owner of Canine Karma, provided a Pup-Kour

demonstration.  Pup-Kour is a fun way to build confidence and athleticism in a dog while also providing both physical and mental challenge.  FitPaws equipment is used to build front and hind body strength and awareness as well as core and balance skills.

Friends of Lucas County Dogs provided an opportunity to immortalize a dog’s paw prints by having them paint on canvas.  With the help of volunteers, dogs stepped on a canvas with washable paints and their paw prints became a keepsake and a piece of art.

There were 15+ baskets raffled off, including a gigantic dog bed filled with all sorts of canine goodies donated by Charles Boyk Law Offices.  Other generous donors were:  Pet People, Pet Wants Perrysburg, Susan Robinson, Indian Creek Zoo, Pizza Cat, Jonathon Khoi Nail Spa, True Rest Float Spa, Shorty’s True American Roadhouse, Inside the Five Brewing Company, Toledo Pet Farm, Three Dog Bakery – Toledo, Pet Massage, Glass City Dog Park, John Chilcote, Robin Murphy and Marcia Burlen.

Laura Simmons-Wark from LC4 was there with an adoptable dog, Taco; Lindsey Stewart provided face painting and Alumni t-shirts were sold as a remembrance of the day.

Friends of Lucas County Dogs looks forward to next year’s event being bigger and better.  As soon as a date is established, we’ll post on the website and Facebook page so everyone can mark their calendars.

Bella’s Story

I named her Bella.  She helped to heal my broken heart.  How can one dog that was intentionally abandoned and starved by someone, be my sunshine on a rainy day and breathe new life into me?

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Steve’s Story

Even after living in the Toledo area for about a year, I found it pretty lonely. I lived by myself, went for runs in the park by myself, and got ice cream by myself. I had friends at work but still found my life a bit boring. I even went as far as joining a birding group, getting up at sunrise on the weekends to attempt to identify tiny birds I knew nothing about.

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