Stevie’s Story

Even after living in the Toledo area for about a year, I found it pretty lonely. I lived by myself, went for runs in the park by myself, and got ice cream by myself. I had friends at work but still found my life a bit boring. I even went as far as joining a birding group, getting up at sunrise on the weekends to attempt to identify tiny birds I knew nothing about.

Then someone said, “If you’re bored and lonely, maybe you should get a dog”….

I thought about the prospect for a while but kept talking myself out of it. My family had dogs when I was a kid but I’ve never had my own dog. I wasn’t even completely sure how to take care of a dog. I mean, I know the basics of keeping a living thing alive. Right? I’m doing an okay job of keeping myself alive. I even pay my bills on time (#adulting). But don’t you have to train a dog? How do you teach it to sit? Do you just wait for it to sit and then tell it good job? What type of food do I feed it? What if it eats the mailman? What do I do with its poop? Dogs poop a lot right? I finally caved and decided to give it a go. If other people can have dogs, I can surely figure it

So I started my search on Petfinder. I wrote down the names of a few dogs I was interested in and where to find them. I was going to start my ‘interview’ process. I would go see a couple dogs I was interested in at each local shelter then carefully consider my options. Lucas County Canine Care and Control was the first on my list for no other reason than it was the closest. I was interested in meeting 3 dogs. A boxer mix named “Stevie” was on that list. His picture caught my eye because he was so skinny. He looked like a skeleton with an oversized head. I remember thinking, “poor guy just needs a sandwich”.

So I show up at LC4 and they bring Stevie out first and all the sudden I’m at home and I have a dog. OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE. I think I blacked out.

I’m not really a believer in love at first site (not with boys, anyway) but when I saw Stevie it just felt right. Other dogs were barking, pulling on their leashes, and jumping around with excitement- and here is this skinny little nugget wagging his tail and burying his squishy face in my arms. Interview process has gone out the window.

I asked the staff about the adoption process. Stevie was cleared to go home but I as nowhere near ready. I had exactly zero dog supplies. I was supposed to go visit family for the weekend. I can’t adopt a dog and then bring him to meet my entire family, can I? I asked staff if they could hold Stevie until Monday. I was told, unfortunately, that dogs could not be held that long. “If it is meant to be he will still be waiting here for you on Monday, if not, we have plenty of other amazing dogs”. So I got in my car, totally bummed out, and started home. I hit every red light.

Red light: poor guy needs sandwich

Red light: i bet the shelter is scary for a dog

Red light: how am I going to sleep tonight knowing I left him there?

Red light: I called my mom since she is ALWAYS right and ALWAYS knows what to say (totally annoying fyi). I expected her to tell me exactly what the LC4 staff said (if it is meant to be blah blah blah). To my surprise she said, “If he feels like the right dog, go get him. We will figure it out”. Now I’m crying.

Illegal U-turn.

Hi, I’m here to adopt Stevie.

The rest is history. Turns out Stevie is the best dog ever. He left the shelter weighing 26lbs, and with the help of peanut butter, scrambled eggs, and puppy food, now weighs almost 50lbs. He was a bit nervous at first but quickly became a total momma’s boy. He gets insanely jealous when my boyfriend visits (Stevie prefers sitting between us, or directly on my lap). His tongue hangs out 100% of the time (adorable) because of some minor nerve/brain damage, which also gives him a bit of trouble when picking up food and treats (doesn’t stop him, eating is his favorite activity). Other favorite activities include napping, cuddling with momma, and barking at squirrels.

Oh!…and it turns out Stevie hates running as much as I do. But he is really good at eating ice cream.

— Nikki King (Stevie’s mom)