I named her Bella.  She helped to heal my broken heart.  How can one dog that was intentionally abandoned and starved by someone, be my sunshine on a rainy day and breathe new life into me?  I had no intention of taking a dog home that day.  I was at Petco to get dog cookies for our boy Brutus.  I saw that Lucas County Canine Care & Control was there with some dogs, so I went to see them.  I sat down, feeling lost inside because I had lost my heart dog only weeks earlier to pancreatitis disease.  When I sat down, Bella, then known as Jingles, literally came and sat in my lap and just washed my face with kisses.  She was so excited – it was as if she was waiting for me to walk through the door – just waiting until she saw my face.

No one can ever tell me it wasn’t me she was waiting for.  She had been at the shelter for 3 months, over-looked by potential adopters.  I believe it was God’s plan as he knew we needed each other.  A perfect match.  She was scarred, literally from head to toe on her body from brutality I will never understand, but my heart was just as scarred.  Did I mention LC4 wasn’t even supposed to be at Petco that day with dogs?  It just happened, a last-minute change.  Bella is my oxygen, my love, my four-legged child and I’m thankful for her every day.  My heart is full, and God is good.

Jennifer Sell